2014 ODBA Social Tournament

2014 ODBA Social Badminton Tournament

Longfield Davidson High School, Ottawa April 27, 2014

MD A Gold - Manfred & Joey. Both their kids are the top jr players in ODBA. Keep it up! Your kids will be pround of you too! LD A Gold - Linda & Huong - Unbeadable pair for the day! XD A Gold - Enrico & linda - what a sweet victory for a lively couple! They managed to reach the top place without any argument.
LD A silver - Cindy & Ashley - the mother-daughter team had the best team jersey! LD B Gold - Audy & Nicky - They have only lost 1 match in A but won all matches in B. XD A Silver (left) - Ty & Huong & Gold (right) - Enrico & Linda
MD B Gold - Thuy & James MD C Gold - Kingsley & Manish MD C Silver - Mark & Todd
XD B Silver(left) Asanga and Darshani (A happily newly-wed badminton couple), Gold (right) Harumi & Thuy (first time paired up. Ha! Ha!) XD C Gold - Tim & Nicky - They were happy just get to play, let alone winning! XD C Gold(left), Silver(Right) - Xuan was cramping on the 1st round but magically got back to the court and managed winning the 2nd place in C withe James. Wonderful spirit for badminton!
Jim, Cindy, Libing & Ashley - A die-hard bunch from Capital club ... yearnning for more matches at the end of the day. MD A Bronze - Asanga & Shehzad. Oops! Bronze award wasn't prepared. - Oh, well, a hand shake will do.
Sebastien St Jean is only 9 years old but he managed the electronic Score board very well. Way to go!

Congratulations and Thanks!

Special thanks to Mervyn Hann for providing the pictures. He also was helping out from begining to the end. He was there to set up the courts, give out t-shirts, updating the scores ... Mervyn and his partner Patrick St Jean won the silver of Men's Doubles. Unfortunately we did not have their picture taken. Sorry!
Carol is a fast learner, she did a great job on updating the scores on the wall. The draw desk was managed very well by Anuki. Thanks!

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