2015 ODBA Social Tournament

2015 ODBA Social Badminton Tournament

Gisele Lalonde High School, Ottawa June 6, 2015

Ladies Doubles Medalists MD A Gold - Manfred & Jay.
MD A Silver - Jianguo & Thuy Pham
MD-B Gold - Ty Lo & Todd Piquette
MD-B Silver - Enrico Kanwella & Ty Thrieu
The party goers The Draw desk Party time!
XD-A Gold - Enrico Kanwella and Mei Lo
XD-B Silver - Jay Chen & Roxanne Saculles
XD-B Gold - Ty Thrieu & Huong Thai
XD-B Silver - Manfred Cantal & Pui So
XD-C Gold - Xianda Jiang & Gin Lupton
XD-C Silver - Etienne Rheaum & Kalie Rheaum
MD-C Gold - Briant Won and Jiajian Yang
MD-C Silver - Xianda Jiang & James Weng
Medalists of Men's Doubles Mei Lo received XD-A Gold and LD-A Silver

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